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Respectful Tracking

Written 2018-03-09

As a university student in a co-op program, I am either working a co-op job, or preparing to start applying to the next one. Sometimes both at the same time. I have been working on this site to provide a portfolio of some of my past projects, and of my writing.

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Thought Experiment: The TextNet

Written 2017-12-19

On the forums I follow, there has been a growth in people begrudging the “JavaScript-ization” of modern web content. On one hand I can absolutely agree – why should loading a text-only recipe take dozens of megabytes? At the same time I feel it is a boon to allow for more efficient development (i.e.

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Feed-ing the Readers

Written 2017-12-07

Initially an MVP, I have been progressively fleshing out my blog as I have time, usually with whatever catches my fancy. My latest (re)discovery on this front has been RSS feeds. Being able to keep up-to-date on blogs that post infrequently is beneficial to me.

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From my portfolio

I Want That Pet!

A small project I made for a friend to keep them notified if the animal they wanted to adopt from the shelter got adopted.

Image Block X

A learning project about developing web extensions for Firefox, this is a toggle on whether or not to load images in webpages.

Python Test Suite

A black box testing library built with Python and YAML. Useful for testing programs or scripts that don't have builtin testing functionality (e.g. MIPS assembly).

If you want to see more, take a look at my portfolio to see all of my projects.