Hello, I'm Chris!

I'm a computer science student at the University of Waterloo. Oh, I'm also completing a bachelor of business administration too.

When I'm not at school in Waterloo, I'm in Vancouver. You can usually find me working at a startup, hiding out from the rain in a café and working on a project, or hiking off in the mountains somewhere.

On the Blog

Explorable explanations

Written 2018-08-31

When learning a new concept, I learn best when I can play around with the idea for a while. For some fields this takes the form of debate and discussion with others. For some other fields however, this often takes the form of more literally playing with the idea.

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Running python from a database

Written 2018-06-15

While having my morning coffee, I had a strange idea. Is it possible to run code stored inside a sqlite database? I had no idea if it was possible, but I was curious. So I wrote a little project to find out.

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Notes for an out-of-province student

Written 2018-05-04

Last year at the end of November, I got an offer for a co-op placement with a company in Vancouver. Starting January second. Short notice, but also exciting.

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From my portfolio

I Want That Pet!

A small project I made for a friend to keep them notified if the animal they wanted to adopt from the shelter got adopted.

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Image Block X

A learning project about developing web extensions for Firefox, this is a toggle on whether or not to load images in webpages.

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Python Test Suite

A black box testing library built with Python and YAML. Useful for testing programs or scripts that don't have builtin testing functionality (e.g. MIPS assembly).

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