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Running python from a database

Written 2018-06-15

While having my morning coffee, I had a strange idea. Is it possible to run code stored inside a sqlite database? I had no idea if it was possible, but I was curious. So I wrote a little project to find out.

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Notes for an out-of-province student

Written 2018-05-04

Last year at the end of November, I got an offer for a co-op placement with a company in Vancouver. Starting January second. Short notice, but also exciting.

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How does Flask work?

Written 2018-03-28

When you first start using the Flask framework it feels a little magical.

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From my portfolio

I Want That Pet!

A small project I made for a friend to keep them notified if the animal they wanted to adopt from the shelter got adopted.

Image Block X

A learning project about developing web extensions for Firefox, this is a toggle on whether or not to load images in webpages.

Python Test Suite

A black box testing library built with Python and YAML. Useful for testing programs or scripts that don't have builtin testing functionality (e.g. MIPS assembly).

If you want to see more, take a look at my portfolio to see all of my projects.