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Running python from a database

Written 2018-06-15

While having my morning coffee, I had a strange idea. Is it possible to run code stored inside a sqlite database? I had no idea if it was possible, but I was curious. So I wrote a little project to find out.

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Notes for an out-of-province student

Written 2018-05-04

Last year at the end of November, I got an offer for a co-op placement with a company in Vancouver. Starting January second. Short notice, but also exciting.

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How does Flask work?

Written 2018-03-28

When you first start using the Flask framework it feels a little magical. You write a function to return some text, add a single line above it, call run, and your text is somehow being sent to your web browser! Most introductions will show you a little sample of code something like this.

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JSON in PostgreSQL

Written 2018-03-24

Recently at work, I got into a discussion about whether it makes sense to store JSON objects in a relational database. While I tried to disagree, they presented a some convincing arguments. However now that I have had time to think, I feel as though the arguments also have a few flaws.

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Facebook cannot act in your best interest

Written 2018-03-20

With the recent complaints about Facebook surfacing across the internet, now seems as good of a time as ever to share this. I’ve discussed with friends before that Facebook cannot be acting in their best interest.

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Respectful Tracking

Written 2018-03-09

As a university student in a co-op program, I am either working a co-op job, or preparing to start applying to the next one. Sometimes both at the same time. I have been working on this site to provide a portfolio of some of my past projects, and of my writing. However I faced a problem. How would I know if my site was actually capturing users or not? Of course I could use Google Analytics, however I didn’t like the idea of trusting any third party to do something against their own interest. In this case, an advertising company promising not to track third parties.

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Thought Experiment: The TextNet

Written 2017-12-19

On the forums I follow, there has been a growth in people begrudging the “JavaScript-ization” of modern web content. On one hand I can absolutely agree – why should loading a text-only recipe take dozens of megabytes? At the same time I feel it is a boon to allow for more efficient development (i.e. allowing developers to focus on development instead of design). But I think that those naysayers are onto something. So what would it look like if we banished all JavaScript from (a segment of) the internet?

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Feed-ing the Readers

Written 2017-12-07

Initially an MVP, I have been progressively fleshing out my blog as I have time, usually with whatever catches my fancy. My latest (re)discovery on this front has been RSS feeds. Being able to keep up-to-date on blogs that post infrequently is beneficial to me. Not only because I can keep up on content I care about, but also because this form of passive following allows me to use the internet less.

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The Easiest Route

Written 2017-11-24

My most limited resource when it comes to side projects is not my computing resources or my ideas, but my time. With school obligations it is difficult to find the time to complete my projects. The solution I have found, while often unsatisfactory, is to do things the easy way.

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Off and Running!

Written 2017-09-19

With the recent addition of a working portfolio display, my website is finally at the level of a minimum viable product! While it’s not much to look at right now, it at least has some decent copy, and decent code behind the scenes.

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