The purpose of blogging and projects

As of late, I’ve been neglecting to update my blog. Strangely enough, that’s not for lack of writing. As I write this, I have a stack of unpublished posts half as high as the number of published posts I have.

I think my hangup has been primarily on the notion of throwing some work onto the internet “forever”. On identifying that however, it seems strange to have such a hangup when I have a GitHub account that is effectively filled with projects in various states of completion.

Part of the change is that, since it is so easy to update code, it’s easy to push it in an incomplete state, and have the safety net that “if it is really that bad, I can change it later”.

To that end, I have decided to refine the purpose of my blog and my Projects page. Which is to say, write down exactly what I’m trying to get out of them in an attempt to reify my thoughts.

Goals of blogging

Ideally the blog is something close to a stream-of-consciousness, capturing a view of what I am doing or thinking. Similar to my git repositories, I’m not waiting until a post is “perfect” to update it. Instead, I’ll “overwrite” old posts simply by writing more. Similarly, your git history still exists, it’s just hidden behind what the latest iteration looks like.

The purpose of my projects

My projects page is meant to be an encapsulation of everything surrounding a line of thinking / action I’ve been taking. This is a single page that will be refined and updated as a project progresses. In contrast to the blog, which will be mostly write-once, each page will change over time as the projects themselves do.

Written Dec. 4, 2018