An (almost) purely functional virtual machine for emulating the MIPS Architecture. I wrote this as a way to review the code I had written for a university class. Since I couldn’t use the provided VM after the semester finished, I decided to make my own VM.

I Want That Pet!

A friend of mine reached out to me recently. Do I know of any easy way to monitor a website for changes? I knew that it would be fairly easy to do for myself. However setting up a server, cron, and a script to diff the site is not easy for someone who doesn’t have the time to learn all that.

Image Block X

This was a small project to learn the ropes of how to make web extensions. Image Block X replicates the functionality of the Firefox add-on Image Block, which was built using Firefox’s deprecated “XUL” API. Simply put, it was a toggle button to enable or disable loading images in the browser. I had found it useful when tethering to my phone during the summer, and wanted to make sure I could continue to use this functionality even after Firefox removed the XUL system.

Python Test Suite

A while back, I had to write a rudimentary testing script for a class I was taking. While it was useful, but it had enough rough edges that I kept improving on it.

I’ve been working on a website in some form or other for a couple of years now but every time it was an ordeal with choosing a framework and then trying to get it to work. So this time around I decided to lay out what my requirements were first, and then make a decision based on that criteria.