Written on 2017-09-18

I've been working on a website in some form or other for more than a year now but every time it's been an ordeal with choosing a framework and then trying to get it to work. So this time around I decided to lay out what my requirements were first, and then make a decision based on that criteria.

Project Requirements

Familiar tooling

As a side project, I don't have a lot of time to dedicate so I want to be as efficient as possible.

Simple content format

If I do change things in the future, I want to be able to take my documents with me easily.

Simple modules

I wanted to avoid fiddling with settings and various files in order to get the extensions I need working.

Not a requirement: - using a full-on JavaScript, CSS, etc. framework

With these requirements in mind, I went with the Flask micro webdevelopment framework for Python, as well as Flask-Flatpages to host static content written in a mix of YAML and Markdown. Flask was chosed because it is a very low-cost server in terms of learning the system, and Flask-Flatpages for its fantastic formatting and ease of integration with Flask.

Project Details

Built with:

View the source to on GitHub.