Image Block X

A small project to learn the ropes of how to make web extensions, this replicates the functionality of Image Block, ensuring that I’ll be able to use this functionality even after Firefox completely deprecates XUL extensions.


With the recent changeover to Firefox 57, a lot of people were left looking for alternatives to their previously useful extensions. It would appear that I have positioned my extension properly in that regard, as I have begun to receive some interest in it. Emails, GitHub issues, reviews, it’s quite a change from the radio silence I had before.

It’s also been a beneficial experience for seeing how my “customers” respond to changes, bug fixes, and various communications. Just being able to respond and say “Hey, I’ve seen this and I’ll look into it when I get a chance” goes a long way towards satisfying people’s complaints with rough edges around it.

Written September 23rd, 2017